Restore Your Run-down Roof

Restore Your Run-down Roof

Repair or replace your roof in Flushing, Flint & Lapeer, MI

How does your roof look? Be honest: do you think it will be able to protect your Flushing, Flint & Lapeer MI business for years to come? If you’re concerned about the condition of your commercial roof, reach out to Tri-County Roofing Company. We can make minor repairs, hot roof repairs or even replace your roof entirely. We work on modified roofs, TPO, PVC and rubber. We’ll make sure your roof is in the best possible condition.

You can reach us at 810-732-7740 to schedule a free estimate.

3 signs it’s time to replace your commercial roof

Do you think your roof may be due for a replacement? Here are some indicators to look out for:
  1. Your roof deck is deteriorated
  2. Your fastenings do not hold up well in inclement weather
  3. There is moisture trapped between your roofing layers

Work with Tri-County Roofing Company to get your roof into optimum condition.